Tributes to Keisha

Welcome to our "Tributes" page to Keisha. We would like to hear from you and how you knew Keisha and what she meant to you. This first letter was submitted to us by someone who had never met Keisha (Kristen in Vancouver), and it touched our family deeply that she had this kind of impact on someone she had never even met. It was then we decided how wonderful it would be to have a place where we could go to read about special times in her life that had significant meaning to those she loved the most. We miss our beautiful girl more than anyone will ever understand and there is a constant silent emptiness that continues to surround us. It is so comforting to us to hear others talk about her and their memories of her. We will continue our quest to keep Keisha's dream alive and help keep kids safe through the "Dare2DreamFoundation". We will also continue to look to God for comfort and strength, to make it through this life until we can be reunited with our precious Keisha and become whole again. We also want to thank our amazing family and friends for your constant and never ending love and support. It means more than you will ever know.
Love and Prayers,
Keisha’s Family

Thank you

October 21, 2008
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how thankful we are for the scholarships that you awarded Lindsay this weekend. You should be so proud of what you are doing in Keisha's memory!! I can't even begin to imagine how difficult your loss has been, but the amazing strength you have to go on in memory of your daughter is amazing!! Linda, I shared your story with my girlfriend who experienced a similar loss and hope it will give her encouragement as she goes through her healing process. Keisha has to be so proud of you as she watches how many lives you are affecting for young girls that have Keisha's same dream!!

Lindsay has wanted me to look into modeling for her for a few years and this opportunity came at the right time. Because of you and Shannon, I felt comfortable in allowing her to take the next step. We can't thank you enough and Lindsay will work hard to honor Keisha and your foundation!!

Tammy Horner
Grand Rapids MI

“My Beloved Keisha”

October 4, 2008
Sketched in our minds is your beautiful face,
a tear falls for your warm loving embrace.

Times on earth are harder that ever,
although we will see you in Heaven forever.

The thought of seeing you brings peace to our heart,
it helps numb the pain as we are apart.

At times on earth we feel so alone,
we pray up above for your love to be shown.

We know you see just how much we miss,
your inner beauty of utter bliss.

Truly amazing inside and out,
we believe in God and your destiny route.

He took you away before we were done,
your last mission was to kiss my unborn son.

You blessed his soul with certainty,
that one day we will all live together for eternity.

I love and miss you dearly, Becca.
Middleville, MI

It’s her Smile I Miss Most

June 22, 2008
A year already and not a single day went by that I didn't think of you. It's been a long rough road that we've all had to travel down without you. From crying ourselves to sleep at night to laughing but still crying over memories we've all shared with you. The photographs are what I will treasure the most along with the memories. There's a hole inside of us, that leaves us feeling empty every day since you've been gone. That hole wont ever be filled until the day we meet again...I miss you much...I often see you in my dreams, and I love waking up feeling like I really got to hug you, but its not the same. It seems like yesterday you were screaming PIPEY running down the hall after me at school. Sometimes I feel like I cant take it, that its to much to bare. I know your here helping me get through day after day. Thank you. There are no words to describe how truly amazing you were. You were the bestest friend anyone could ask for. You were always there if I needed you, if there was a girl any of us didn't like you were there backing us up, leaving them speechless...I LOVED IT! We would all joke and laugh about it later of course. You were generous, loving, caring, crazy, beautiful, I loved you for being you! I remember junior prom, I wasn't going to go because I didn't have a dress, you had me over and made me try on all of yours and Jamie's dresses, until one fit, just so I could go...Thank you. You were absolutely wonderful, a real gift from God. No one could ever replace you, and nothing can ever take my pain away from losing you. I think you were everyone's best friend and that's hard to find, you never talked bad about us, we could tell you anything and know no one else was going to find out. You were so understanding and forgiving, there were lots of girls that were jealous of you and said or did mean things to you, and you would forgive them no matter what, and still be there friend. I often ask WHY GOD WHY!?!?!? and then I remember...Only the good die young.... I know your His most beautiful angel, and I know you watch over all of us every single day, smiling down upon us, wanting us to be happy. I thank God every day that He gave me the opportunity to have you in my life even if it was just for a short time. The impact you've made on all of our lives will be with us forever. You touched everyone who crossed your path. What I really loved most about you was how determined you were, how strong willed you were, and how you set goals and didn't let anyone or anything get in the way. You accomplished so much in just 18 years...WOW! What I miss most about you is your beautiful smile, and your meaningful hugs. Your pictures are all over my apartment, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Sometimes when I am home alone I sit and cry and talk to you. I know your there comforting me. I long for the day we meet again! Until then I keep you in my heart, along with all the memories we've shared together. My love for you still grows more and more every single day. You are forever missed and loved so much! Keish may you rest in peace!

In Loving Memory Of Keisha Michelle MacDonald.
I'll Love you forever & Always.

Ashley Piper
Battle Creek, MI

Thank you

June 10, 2008
Linda- this thank you note is long overdue; I apologize for being so late with it! Anyway, I've been meaning to send you a note for some time now to thank you for the generous offer of the scholarship for my daughter Lyndsay to attend Launch. It was an amazing opportunity for her and we both had a wonderful time! As you may have heard, my husband lost his job very unexpectedly right before the holidays and with no severance. He is now employed, thankfully, but it meant accepting a much lower paying job. This has been a very rough year financially, to say the least. Anyway, Lyndsay certainly could never have attended Launch in the first place if it wasn't for you, so I wanted you to know how much this meant to our family. You have experienced a tremendous loss with your daughter's passing but have somehow managed to create an opportunity of a lifetime for other young aspiring models. Thanks again!

Salinas, MI


Thank you

May 27, 2008
About a year ago I stumbled upon the Keisha memory group on Facebook. And something really hit me. She was a girl that was just so full of life. From my impression, she is someone that took out of life all she could. I was looking at this and thinking how unfair it was that someone like this would be taken from the world while someone like me who was barely living got to stick around. I was severely depressed, overweight, just plain miserable. But seeing this girl who didn't get a chance to do all she was supposed to do and seeing me who was doing nothing - it needed to change. Keisha struck a chord with me so much that I quit my job, headed out traveling, lost 30 pounds, and pulled myself out of a 6 year depression. Honestly - seeing the Keisha memory page inspired most of this. So for that - I thank you. More than you know.

Vancouver, BC

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