Photos of Keisha

Keisha's family and friends meant everything to her as you can see in these photos. We have so many wonderful memories of her and want to thank you all for being a part of them. Her smile, her warmth and her compassion were contagious and will live on in all of us! Thank God for Keisha and all the joy she brought to our lives!


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Photos of Keisha
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Dare 2 Dream

Dare 2 Dream Winner - Christine Landers!

Christine and other Dare 2 Dream winners will be performing at Launch!

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Emily's Essay

Keisha was more than a cousin, she was my best friend

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Michigan State Police Announce

Defensive Driving Scholarships Dare 2 Dream has awarded 7 scholarships to teens (see article and video)

Because of Her

Read Lynda Foote's account of her family's car accident, and her appreciation for the Defensive Driving Scholarship provided by Dare 2 Dream Foundation
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Launch Scholarship Awarded!

The Dare 2 Dream Foundation Awards Scholarships at "Launch" in Chicago, IL
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