Dare 2 Dream Winner - Christine Landers!

Christine and other Dare 2 Dream Winners

will be performing at "Launch" July 13-15, 2012


Christine Landers won the Dare 2 Dream music scholarship at "Launch" (put on by Lynn Clark-Geiner ~ President of Traque International Model and Talent Management.) in Chicago last Launch.

Dare 2 Dream was inspired by the young, beautiful mode#l, Keisha MacDonald, who tragically lost her life in a car accident February 2007, the Dare 2 Dream Foundation has once again helped create amazing opportunities for others! Twice a year Linda MacDonald awards many different scholarships for aspiring actors, models and young hopefuls who are interested in pursuing a career in music.

Real II Reel is not only proud, but honored to be apart of this very special event. Scholarship winners get a opportunity to have a "original" song produced and mastered by Real II Reel Productions and also have other opportunities to work with collaborating producers who are very well known in the MUSIC INDUSTRY.

We give a huge THANK YOU to Lynn Clark Geiner and her staff as well as Linda MacDonald and her staff for the AMAZING work and unconditional love they have put into these events to make them all come to life. They are the true UNSUNG Heroes, they have changed lives in a POSITIVE WAY for all who has been apart of these special events! Christine Landers and other Dare 2 Dream winners will soon be performing their "original" music at the next "Launch" Showcase. Good luck to all the DARE 2 DREAM winners and soon to be winners!! ;)

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Dare 2 Dream

Dare 2 Dream Winner - Christine Landers!

Christine and other Dare 2 Dream winners will be performing at Launch!

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