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Hastings Reminder
December 4, 2010

Friends and family of 2006 Lakewood graduate Keisha Michelle MacDonald continue to honor her memory and celebrate her short but beautiful life. Keisha was tragically killed in an automobile accident on Feb. 20th, 2007. Since losing their precious daughter, Keisha's family started a foundation to honor her life and help others go after their dreams the way Keisha did.

MacDonald was an aspiring model on the brink an amazing career when it all came to a tragic ending on that fateful day almost 4 years ago. "The Keisha MacDonald Dare2Dream Foundation" has since been actively awarding scholarships twice a year at an event in Chicago called "Launch" to help models, actors and singers take their dreams to the next level.

Last month they awarded an acting scholarship to Kaitlyn Squires, and a music scholarship to Meaghan Penning during a very emotional video presentation and tribute to Keisha. Both girls did a fabulous job at Launch and received many callbacks from prestigious agencies from around the globe. "Being able to help support these young people who are so filled with excitement in the hopes of "just maybe" being able to turn their dreams into a reality, is such a rewarding experience for us. This is what Keisha would want." said Linda MacDonald, Keisha's mom.

The Dare2Dream foundation is also active in a defensive driving program with the Michigan State Police. They have just raised another $700.00 for this program, which will sponsor 7 teens to take this very important and possibly life saving training class. So what's next for the foundation? "Our goal is to begin raising money for a new project we plan to call which will go towards helping abused and neglected children. Keisha loved modeling which is how this all got started, but she also loved kids.

What better way to continue to remember our beautiful girl, than to try and help make life better for as many forgotten and neglected kids as we can. Losing a child is a devastation that you never completly recover from. You could easily let it destroy you or you can find a way to turn it into something postive and meaningful for others. Something that says.....my child was here, and her life meant something". 

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